POLE Project

The Project Oriented Learning Environment POLE is a study platform to be used by students of international universities with the goal to network one’s own subject with other professions and to work together across culture and language borders.

POLE Kick-Off Meeting at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico

POLE offers the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of one’s own subject and develop solutions for complex and interdisciplinary problems together in a team with other partners. By working in POLE one gets a better understanding of the mutual dependencies and increases the social competence of the participants. POLE uses modern communication and information technologies (ICT) as tools for efficient collaboration.

Working in a team is the natural way to deal with the networking of the various disciplines and the extent of the partial problems. The industry also plans the solution of complex problems by using teams with the goal of obtaining better results. Better in this sense means standing on firmer ground and being better interconnected. It is obvious that by using this working model along with the expertise in one’s own subject, that a great emphasis is put on the ability of communication.

The POLE platform was initiated in 2000 with trans-disciplinary projects in architecture and the building industries, expanded into the fields of product and service design. In 2012 an additional track, called iPOLE was started that has a stronger focus on the computer sciences and new media and in 2017 an additional track was explored at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara, Mexico under the branding T-people.